Each year, your child's education and health care plan (EHC plan) is discussed at an annual review. In year 9 the annual review is especially important as it will focus on drawing up plans for your child's future. This will be called a transition plan. A transition plan will bring together information from a range of different people who together with you and your child, will discuss future needs and prepare them for their move into adult life.

The move towards leaving school and preparing for adult life is important for every young person. The review involves the young person and pulls together the information from school and other agencies or services involved to plan for their transition to adult life.

The year 9 review

From year 9 (the academic year during with the child or young person becomes 14) The SEND reforms require those supporting young people to focus on ordinary life outcomes such as paid employment, independent living, community participation and well-being. This is called preparing for adulthood.

Preparing for adulthood means preparing for:

  • higher education and/or employment
  • independent living
  • participation in society
  • being as healthy as possible

The year 9 annual review offers an opportunity for all involved to address concerns and to identify any support needed to achieve your child's goals.

The special needs co-ordinator (SENCO) will invite all the agencies, parents and the young person.

Schools and providers should ensure that all students are provided with independent careers guidance.

The headteacher must make sure that the transition plan is completed after the transition annual review meeting.

The review plan

The process will set out the arrangements for your child from the age of 13 to 19 years making explicit plans to include:

  • education after the age of 16
  • independent living (benefits, accommodation, housing)
  • health and care support
  • recreation and leisure
  • training and employment

It should also:

  • set clear targets and timescales for the next 12 months
  • set out outline actions to be taken
  • identify who is responsible for carrying out the actions

Preparation for the review

Prepare for the review by:

  • reading any information given to you by school
  • filling in your views and sending them back to the school
  • talking to your son or daughter about their views
  • letting the school know if you cannot attend the meeting immediately
  • letting school know if you feel anybody additional needs to be invited

Young person's involvement

By year 9, young people will be encouraged to have an active role in the meeting, where this is appropriate and if they feel able to.

They may need to discuss a range of issues, such as:

  • making friends and having a social life
  • meeting partners and having relationships
  • where they will live
  • who will look after them
  • personal care
  • money matters
  • holidays
  • developing their interests

More information, advice or support

We can support you in preparing for the meeting, by supporting you to gather your views and by attending the meeting, if you need us to be there.

Contact us if you need further help or advice.

Or contact Citizens Advice or our Welfare Benefits helpline, tel: 01629 531535 from 11am to 4pm on Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.